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Online Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Online Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

The Vigilin Technology IT experts have spent a great deal of time researching data backup solutions to find the perfect fit for your Small Business. We’ve found that solution and it’s extremely cost-effective and extremely versatile.

We will design a backup solution that fits your needs by utilizing some or all of the following parts of the solution:

Online Backup

We will send your most critical data to an offsite data center. These data centers are highly secure and redundant to ensure your data is safe. Your data will also be encrypted BEFORE it leaves your premises using state of the art military level encryption.

Local Backup

We can also backup your critical data locally on a server or workstation on your premises. This feature yields two benefits: first we can back up your data more frequently on the local storage and perform a nightly backup to the offsite storage. This will ensure that a loss of data during the business day will be backed-up and ready for restore. Secondly, a restore of the local data will not be restricted by the slow speeds of the internet, enabling you to restore data very quickly.

“Local Only” Backup

We can perform a full back up on local storage, like a USB Hard Drive, that can be taken offsite. This data is managed by the backup solution and is also encrypted ensuring that a lost drive will be useless to anyone else. The “Local Only” backups are used to perform a full back up without paying the higher price for online storage.
This mixture of “Local Only” and “Online” Backups enables us to provide a complete cost-effective backup and restore plan. We can also provide a Virtual Server to restore your data in the event of a total loss of the property that will get your systems back up and running in a matter of several hours.

What makes Vigilin Data Backup Service different from others?

We’ve spent a great amount of time researching a solution that is not only cost-effective but an Enterprise Level backup. Our Data Backup solution has the following qualities:

Advanced Technology for Smarter Backup and Restoration

 The technology is packed with sophisticated features. For example, the “send once” technology recognizes where data is duplicated across a network no easy feat and sends only one copy to the server, minimizing your costs and increasing efficiency. And the Message Level Restore feature enables you to restore email data – down to a single email message for a specific user.

“Bare Metal” Data Recovery onto Different Machines

Restoring the entire operating system, applications, settings and data for an entire machine – onto a new machine with different hardware than the original one. So, if disaster strikes and you need to restore your data onto completely different machines – a common scenario. Buyer beware: Most remote backup providers who do not emphasize this ability CANNOT perform disaster recovery this way.

Agentless Architecture

Install on just ONE Machine and Protect the Entire Domain. Unlike other leading solutions, just one server runs the backup/restore system and sends the data to the secure off-site data vault. The “Agentless Architecture” makes deployment easy on any network.

“Locals Only” Backups

 A complete local backup can be performed and sent to removable media, such as a USB Hard Drive. This will allow you to backup less critical data locally and save money on the cost of Online Storage.

Most Secure, High Capacity Data Centers

The backup service uses some of the most secure, reliable and high-capacity Internet backbones in the industry, consisting of bi-directional OC-12 & OC-192 rings that extend throughout Canada and the United States. Every part of the network has a redundant “stand-in” that instantly becomes operational in the event of a hardware failure.

“Local Restore” Feature for Speedy Recovery

 A copy of the latest data being sent to the off-site data vault can also be stored on your local network. In the event of a disaster, you can restore your latest data quickly at LAN speeds even if you’re using inexpensive WAN technologies such as DSL or cable.

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